How to Make a Bent Wood Bangle Cuff

How to Make a Bent Wood Bangle Cuff

in this video I'll be making a bent wood bangle cuff.

I base my final design on an old metal cuff but there are many printable templates online if you don't have an existing Panda like this the design is a basic oval shape which is approximately 65 mil at its widest and 55 mil at its thinnest a trace the design onto a piece of scrap wood cut the shape out and cleaned up the edges with a little bit of sandpaper and then my full moon was good to go.

by measuring the circumference of the Fulmer you can ask the base how long to cut your strips of wood for bending.

icon five steps of standard thickness Walnut veneer intersections that was 3.5 CM by 22 cm.

typically the birth of bending I sanded the edges of each strip of wood. So they were paper-thin I did this with sandpaper on a fine grit on my grandson there.

time to soak the wood to make it possible for bending over boiling water and submerge my strips of walnuts in it for about 30 minutes some other species may require soaking overnight but this word was already quite pliable so it didn't take much time at all.

I removed each strip of wood from the pan Raptor carefully around the full moon with a little bit of masking tape have to wrap it up or if the strips I left them to dry for 24 hours this that will train the word so it's used to holding an oval shape of it also make the glue up nice and easy.

the important thing to remember with this stuff I didn't even this entire process is to never rush anything just take your time.

with the Wood Drive I was ready to glue up my Bongo I began by testing how the first rap would fit around the former and to see where the seme would be all I wanted to seem to be in the middle I need to the trim in the section of wood down and sign that said just paper thin I applied a small amount of super glue to the section where the Walnut overlap a raptor would carefully around the Fulmer Leia one was now complete.

Pearl the subsequent late is I wanted to see was to a line roughly to the center of the bangle so I can cut away the seams later this required me to trim and send each strip as I went I can take me to Clay which layer together applying small amounts of superglue spreading it evenly with a cocktail stick and then wrapping the wood on to the previous layer.

the blue episode really tricky operation so I was extra careful to wrap each layer of wood tightly leaving no gaps in between layers and I did my best to wrap the wood as straight as possible.

I continued with this process until all five minutes of would have been glued.

with the Franklin cleaned up it was time to remove it from the mold.

to begin this process I made marks for way I would cut at the section of the back of the bracelet on this design the Gap was about 2.5 cm wide and I made two extra box inside of where those cuts needed to be I did this so if I made any nasty mistakes when removing the wood from the former I could just cut them away like.

I cut at the small section of the back of receded the peel the world away from the full amount with a chisel being careful not to damage the blank.

a bit of Walnut got stuck to the former but fortunately I was go to trim a few centimeters off the with anyway and was able to cut off the damaged area you can avoid this from happening by be more clever than me I'm taking your phone. I got something to clean doesn't stick to like HDPE being woken saved it but the super glue or wrapping by the steps are on the form of it also help.

after liberating my bank of blank are trimmed off the remaining sections of the back of moved over the Sunday.

Ash music off every surface of the bangle with a fine grit on the bench sander and together the inside I wrapped a piece of sandpaper around the devil and spotted on the lathe to finish off a hand sander the peace up to 600 grits to get it nice and smooth.

the finish I chose for this project was true oil Gunstock finish to begin the process I cleaned the bangle with a bit of white spirits and apply to small amount of true oil with my fingers each CoQ10.

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