metal and wood rings | Why Materials Matter

metal and wood rings | Why Materials Matter

Specialized Fashion jewelry metal and wood rings

When it comes time to celebrate a treasured life occasion, an equally meaningful representation remains in order. At wood wear jewelry, we practice a craft that has been prized with the ages, additionally instilled with an extremely unique story ... yours.

Rings and also various other forms of jewelry have been ornamenting the human body considering that prehistoric times. The very first well-known examples were made from the talons of impressive birds, as well as go back a staggering 135,000 years. Various other ancient products made use of in ring as well as jewelry production consisted of snail coverings, egg coverings, stone, and also naturally, timber.

Previous people that aided develop gold's appeal include the Varna human being (Eastern Bulgaria), the Mesopotamian, as well as and the Egyptian culture. With different adaptions in fashion jewelry design, these civilizations shaped the current perspective of gold all over the world.

In a literal sense, one can claim that steel fashion jewelry is among the "more recent" trends in personal adornment.

metal and wood rings

Nowadays, many people think that steel jewelry is the only option offered, affected by a multi-billion buck advertising and marketing sector. The purveyors of precious metals insist that their product holds the singular language for revealing an amorous emotion. They also intend to market an icon standing for something that does not really exist: permanence.

However certainly, enjoy talks in all tongues. At Just wood Rings, we believe that the most effective method to tell a romance is to inform your own. An artisan-crafted wood rings creates a different to the antiquated and impersonal metal rings.

With our special use of recovered and also repurposed woods that inform a story of their own, we are receptive to life's proceeding cycle, while recognizing the sacredness of the here and now moment. This values the immediacy of the currently, as opposed to indicating the past or the future. Our timber rings show off your remarkable style with a lovely, all-natural aesthetic, and an option to integrate some of your own individual products in the item itself. In your ring, you will certainly find much more than a simple accessory. It will hold a valuable part of your story, recorded with love.

All products have challenges, yet buying precious metals could have serious repercussions. The process required to extract gold and also platinum, in addition to the industry's detrimental socio-economic impact, has an unfavorable impact on our global community.

We've got a listing of things to think about prior to buying rare-earth elements:

Consider what's required in mining for gold. For several, a bright picture of pickaxes as well as river streams might come to mind. Yet lengthy gone are the days of the California Gold Rush. In fact, so much gold has been taken from the Planet that it is now only located in relatively little concentrations, requiring completely different methods. Modern extraction techniques for gold consist of terrible blasting procedures and also therapy with hazardous chemicals, like cyanide. The cyanide can then seep into soil and groundwater, posing a considerable danger to people, animals, as well as wildlife.
Platinum mining additionally makes up countless concerns. The process creates extreme air pollution in the kind of dust and sulfur dioxide, huge power and water consumption, and also poisonous chemical runoff. Society is deeply affected as neighborhood farmlands are usually taken over by mining companies, who focus on economic interests over the manufacturing of food.
The results of mining are still affecting marginalized communities throughout the globe, from South Africa to Myanmar to Peru.
An eco-friendly Just wood ring is built of natural salvaged or repurposed wood. In some cases, we've provided dropped trees from the surrounding location a 2nd life. Other woods are sourced from like-minded organizations that would rather not see beneficial timber get mistreated, or sent to a landfill. Wherever its roots may come from, our products are constantly safe and also sensibly sourced. From start to finish, we use all-natural techniques that do not harm the Planet or its animals.

The Better Option

We wish that you comprehend your investing in choices issue. While wood wear jewelry is not excellent, we are offering a kinder, friendlier, and also a purposely curated remedy to the traditional metal rings influencing everybody today. Your ring makes certain to motivate others, as they will unquestionably reveal an all-natural interest concerning this uncommonly attractive piece. Your story, together with how the ring happened, will grow the seeds for the following individual to expand.

Just Wood Bands are the leader in beautifully distinct, extremely personalized wooden rings. We supply you with unrivaled client care to create an exclusive as well as sophisticated item of wearable art that informs your own individual story. Handcrafted in the Pilsen community of Chicago, Illinois, our rings are prized not just for their distinct aesthetic as well as narrative but also for the kind as well as worldwide mindful procedure whereby they are made. We bring our respect and reverence for the Planet, for life and for tradition right into every single piece.

For even more concerning Just Wood Rings, contact us today!


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