Why is this Wood Watch going Viral? | woodstock watch

Why is this Wood Watch going Viral? | woodstock watch

So you may have noticed something lately looking around the internet looking around for your next piece of fashion natural products are in wooden jewelry and accessories are in there the new hot thing what we have right here.

is a wooden watch this wooden watch come from Home Depot.

this is not what we're reviewing today. 

and today is extremely extremely special day for us here and it's making wooden jewelry and accessories sunglasses and watches their the best looking wooden sunglasses and watches you know what they might be the best looking sunglasses and watches you ever see now this company is trending right now on Facebook and I saw a link and I had to get my hands on it these aren't even out yet.

this is why we're here today this is a wooden watch from a new company that's coming out called Woodstock and they have the hottest telling you the hottest watches and sunglasses out there right now wait till you see the thing I only have this Home Depot one here to show you.

how much quality is in the product that comes from Woodstock going to hold off on opening this one for a second let's get in to this Home Depot watch.

nothing wrong with it comes with a little block of foam in there.

nothing too special one of the first things I noticed is the background behind the arms.

looks like a piece of plastic with wood grain drawn on it it does look fake and the bezel.

woodstock watch looks glued on.

I don't know if you guys can see this but it looks like the stain from this bottom piece of wood has gotten up on to the lighter colored bezel.

the back is also a wood grain but overall a nice wooden watch.

you think that right now you guys might be liking this right now you guys might be like his the Home Depot watch.

wait until you see what we got in the Box here from Woodstock this is so new if this is a prototype it's not even branded yet these will be coming out soon make sure you go to Woodstock's website sign up so you can get notified whenever these things drop on the streets you're going to want to get your hands on it you ready.

look oh my God this thing is right off the bat.

look at the difference the Home Depot one they give you this piece of foam.

to put around the watch that just shows you how much they care about it.

at Woodstock you get this nice burlap pillow awesome.

you also get a little to hear some protective plastic over the clasp okay right off the bat the Woodstock watch is lighter and this is what this is one of the things that makes these watches special you don't even feel like you're wearing them it's like you have a part of nature on you but it's so light I don't know if you guys can tell but this Woodstock watch on the right is Just A Cut Above in quality compared to the Home Depot watch on the left look at the wood grain detail on the Woodstock watch on the right it is unbelievable compared to the washed-out Home Depot watch now your case thickness here is a little less than half an inch thick so it's a really nice thin.

bezel but it still gives you that thick manly look the band length is adjustable you can remove the pins here that's what this tool is for to remove the pins and adjust the band length the bandwidth is about 86 wide it's got this bracelet clasp.

quartz movement now this is beautiful because this is zebra wood with ebony so get this dark ebony mixed with his zebrawood unbelievable I can't believe I had this on my table right now I reached out to Woodstock and said please let unbox Warehouse be the first to review this what you can't even get this right now I'm the only one with this this company's coming up I'm telling you right now see that one looks good right I mean you can deal with that.

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