Wood Watches... Can You Wear Them? | wooden fashion jewelry

Wood Watches... Can You Wear Them? | wooden fashion jewelry

So would what is the biggest question that I normally get when it comes to this kind of watch is is it okay as a man to wear one saying this video today I'm going to be sharing my personal opinion about what I think about woold watch his and also going to be giving you the chance to win one say God is full and welcome to another video now let me be honest with you for just a moment I never for I will create a video I'll write an article about the wood watch another reason why I say that is because I remember being sent a would work for about three or four years ago through the magazine remember looking at the end of that time for 4 years ago I didn't appeal to me and at the same time the quality wasn't very good now I've obviously created this video because I want to give some insight into why I think it's okay to wear something slightly more you need something that other people aren't wearing I'm going to explain why I'm just a moment but this what are this would watch that you can say is from Jord watches now you got the chance to win one of these watches by clicking the link in the description.

NFC to contest the giveaway and you're going to be out to gain one of these watches I've also got discount code for these what is what's all included in the description to and the reason why I wanted to create this video is because like I said sometimes wearing something that's a bit more unique is good for your style that is a lot of guys at addressing for office in addressing for themselves that we're in the same watches are wearing the same shoes the same accessories the same clothes at following the same Trends because they literally just wanting to blend in. There might be something is solid unique and they're drawn to a fake all that something that I like but because others are wearing it then not wearing it I'm not for me is almost always all about that was me free or four years ago when I go sit in this would watch it wasn't saying that a lot of people wearing so it kind of made me not want to wear so when it comes to accessories it's all about wearing things are going to create more of a subtle statement and this is really where at my Fink the wood watch comes in a kind of as a little.

uniqueness it isn't completely out that it's really going to draw a lot of attention to you but something that may tell a story that with the wood watch and especially Jord watches the sword about sustainability it's all about coming this slightly more unique and possibly for me the styles of these watches and the quality of the construction of these what is a lot different from the ones that I've seen the other big debate that I had we would watch his language is uncomfortable I didn't really think that wearing a wood watch on your wrist is wormwood on your rest until would be very comfortable being fat I never gave it a car and I've been wearing this watch for a couple of days just to try out and it is actually very comfortable you don't realize that you're wearing a wood watch at all yes I want to say it's slightly more heavier than some of the other what is the I wear and some of the other watches recommended in the past but possibly it just really isn't as uncomfortable as I felt it would be I for it to be like walking around with a tree on your wrist it's sliding.

comfortable so don't think that it's going to be uncomfortable by wearing one another benefit about wearing one of these watches or any unique item of clothing or accessory is it creates more conversation so I mean by that is it's more intriguing if you're wearing the same as what everyone else is wearing you're not going to draw as much attention to water for example if you go to a bar and you're wearing a leather dress watch yes if it's a really nice watch party going to draw attention to water in someone's going to be asked you about the watch if you weren't so many more you need like a wood watch while you're wearing a unique accessory all unique item of clothing it's really going to get people asking you any intrigued about where it's from and they're going to be asking you more about the watch and of course that's going to start the conversation so that's another benefit to wearing more of a unique accessory especially the woodwork of course this video isn't going to be for everyone if I watch this video published three or four years ago like you said and someone was talking about wearing it would watch I probably wouldn't have liked to Eva but you know what.

kind of changed my mind recently sold about standing out dressing for you no dressing for others and if you know someone who likes the wood watch and someone who likes to wear maybe accessories a slightly different and definitely check out the link in the description let me know in the comments below don't forget subscribe to the channel think someone's interested in the giveaway or someone's interested in this video as a whole and I really appreciate you watching this video guys I will see you all very very soon.


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