Are Wood Accessories Altering the Game?|Wood Shades, Ties, or Watches?

Are Wood Accessories Altering the Game?|Wood Shades, Ties, or Watches?

What is up you guys this way Jose Zuniga from teachingmensfashion and for this week's video we're going to be going over and have wooden accessories are changing the game now if you're immune to social media and don't have any at all then you wouldn't know how would has taken over a lot of men's accessories today and I got questions all the time of what are my thoughts about this and what do I think works this week I'm going to be going over the accessories that I think you look great with wooden that I actually think help improve your style and push the envelope a little bit and the accessories that I think are the absolute Abomination to men style and should never ever be purchased so that's what we're going to be going over today is worth it on glasses do I have something from a company called shade tree.

by the way let that sink in that it trees give you shade these shades are made from trees.

genius apartment the company's genius Brandy what I want to talk about is how wooden frames actually beneficial to men stop see I think that when friends are actually a positive thing because it gives you that sense of individuality you know why 99.5% of the population is still wearing plastic molded Shades man I talked to his 99.5 percent of population is still wearing plastic molded Shades you're pulling out your wooden frames so that definitely I feel is an atom and the fact that you're still getting those classic models you still have the classic wafer you still have the classic Aviator just that they're made out of what another interesting thing about what is that even if you were to get these exact same pair of Wafers from shade tree that I own we would still have different pairs because would just naturally wood grain.

gross differently so there's going to be little differences in Europe are from Microsoft I actually like that the thought that my pair is unique and basically one of a kind and there's not going to be another one exactly like it so that's another phone is at least for me I see it as a bonus and then on top of that I also like the fact that at least from what I see wood frames are a little bit more inexpensive number example he's from Shadetree they start around $65 and all are under $100 as opposed to if you were to buy Ray-Bans you're looking at 165 plus and any other major brand is usually above $100 so you still get the refined in the craftsmanship if you look closely into these glasses they're still you see the attention to detail in the craftsmanship in the glass getting it at a much lower price point so I'm absolutely in love with them right now.

and you know what I'm going to give one away so I have two models and I want to keep them for myself cuz I really like them but I also want to give one to one of yours I can't give one to everyone but I kind of want to just let you experience what I'm experiencing with wooden frames you can see what I'm talking about so what do you like best comment down below which model you like best and then I just had to tally up which one gets commented on more and we're going to do is I'm going to choose a random comment from below give you the frames you can test them out and see how great they are I'll have shade tree link down below so you guys can check them out now those are accessories that I believe help men Style.

now here.

here comes the abomination of me. What you should not ever ever buy us more serious note these are the accessories that I believe really don't help you out at all and you end up losing more than your game the first one watches watches but in my opinion and I'm neurologist I said that before I just like watches but I don't see how you can trade you know a beautifully classic leather elegant I'm pleased or even a masculine meddling timepiece for would like I feel like it's such an uneven trade off that you're losing more than your game and then on top of that I've seen most of the wood models that are out there today and in my opinion are near the ugly they're chunky they're really big and bulky and not refined at all and at best at best will look good casually.

you don't even have any versatility so you know for me but who knows maybe down the road of rain will come up with a more refined model but today.

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