Creating a Walnut Burl and Crushed Blue Opal wood rings

Creating a Walnut Burl and Crushed Blue Opal wood rings

Hey what's up you guys in this video we're going to make a wood ring from this Walnut Burl and then inside of it we're going to do a inlay of this blue opal this is a rough opal before it's been crushed and this is a medium in 5 mix of the crushed opal.

on the inside of the rain we're going to use this pre-cut piece of light blue epoxy it's been scuffed on one side for a good mechanical grip to the wood.

also inside of my what bands were going to put a little stainless steel for strength.

I'm going to start by cutting a 12 inch strip of the Walnut Burl veneer and then we're going to form into a shape that we can use for a ring blank.

I like to do this by dipping the ring in hot water and letting it dry to a new ship.

an easy way to shape the veneer is just to roll it all the way around a socket but any kind of fiber round object will work well for this.

also once you have the wood all the way around give me a few rolls in the table to make sure the wind is really tight.

wanted to roll tight like to wrap it in masking tape to dry it usually you can just leave it overnight or put it in the oven for about an hour at 200 degrees.

ship Decor we just wrap it around a socket and steam it for about a minute and when we take it out I will take a really good circular shape.

so now we have broken pieces for a Ringling so we'll just put the core inside of the veneer and give it a couple of rolls in the table to get all the space out of there would have been your role and then once we have a really tight we can take some thick CA glue and fasten place.

again we're going to put some masking tape around the blank to hold it in place while Igloo it up. It's also not a bad idea to run it onto a mandrel to make sure everything is really circular it in place.

now we're going to stabilize the ring by heavily saturating it within CA this what is actually great absorbing CA so it'll go all the way through the entire body of the Ring.

so after letting this sit for like an hour it should be totally dry so you can kill the masking tape off and have a look at your stable ice cream blank the steps really important because it really Harden's the ring up and now we can put it on the lathe and turn it to shape.

so now we have the rough shape of the ring and we just need to add a little bit of CA before we do the inlay crew for the blue opal this will just stop it from chipping or anything like that.

I like to use a Point tool to Galaxy anyway and I usually just go until I'm satisfied with the with the death for my in life.

so we have our groove done and now we're going to put in our stainless steel core I decided to start doing this because a lot of wood rings are susceptible to crush him and this stainless steel core seems to have solved that problem in all of my rings and it's just a really good quality of life upgrade that I do standard know my bands.

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