How to: Weathered Wood Bracelets DIY

How to: Weathered Wood Bracelets DIY

hadii wires have you ever come across an old piece of furniture or a door that's been painted a hundred times as I'll crack old and weathered and you can see every color it's ever been. I love aged wood and today on Make Your Mark I am going to try to get that same technique on some wood bangle I'm going to use Americana Decor chalky finish paint because the colors are intense and beautiful and a work perfectly with this wax technique I think you guys are really going to like this project are you ready here's what you'll need.

I really love how colorful and aged These Cuffs look it's like they were carved from an ancient door now if you want you can embellish them with jewels or cavachons it's up to you comes up if you like this video subscribe to this channel if you haven't already leave me a comment and I promise to get back to you and I will see you next week bye.

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